Our Clients


"So pleased with the kind and caring attitude of all the staff who are helping to look after my aunt Vonny. They have been able to gain her trust enough for her to agree to more care (from two to three hours per day) which will enable her to stay at home more safely.

Very happy with the service Vonny is having and appreciate the regular updates to me, personally"

Mrs Lyddon 
Client Relative


"My mother suffered a stroke and lost her confidence. Everyday chores became difficult for her and she was afraid to go out on her own. I then discovered Primrose Care who provided a great home help service, helping with cleaning, changing her bed, visits to the shops and coffee outings/company. Mum looks forward to her two hours a week assistance and I have peace of mind that she has help when I am at work. Thank you Primrose Home Help."


Mrs S Shard

Client Relative. 


"i have been very impressed with the service provided to my relative by Primrose Home Help.  I live at a distance from my relative and was very concerned about her increasing mental frailty and vulnerability but Primrose Care Manager, Carly has cheerfully guided me through each step of setting up the right care package.  What I saw as major problems (carers being locked out by my relative, police needing to be called to gain entry because of concerns for my relative's welfare, heating failure, electricity failure at weekend, illness) Carly and the team have capably dealt with.  My relative has consistency of carers, with 2 main helpers who she trusts and gets on well with.  They have taken great care to find out about her preferences and be guided by her wishes. Her tea plate which she is left with would happily grace the room service at a top class hotel.  I have been able to meet up with Carly several times at my relative's home, to discuss progress and plans and have also been able to meet with her carers. They have been quick to suggest extras like a microwave to improve my relative's quality of life.  I have every confidence in their service and would recommend them highly."


Mrs S Bond
Client Relative


"After using other care suppliers it was very refreshing to have so much choice with Primrose. I do what I want and they just help me massively. I plan to be with them for quite some time."

Mrs A Simms

"I now have piece of mind that Mum is happy in her own home. She has found it very hard after loosing Dad and her helper has really bought her back out of her shell. She regularly goes out on outings and day trips and really looks forward to her visits, I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Mrs C Owen 
Clients Daughter 


"Primrose have been a massive help to me, my house is kept lovely and my washing is always wonderfully done. My helper also takes me shopping once a week as my eye sight isn't the best and I am now unable to drive. She helps me to eat healthier and has taught me how to cook some lovely and easy meals. I honestly think I would be lost with out her now and if she is on holiday or anything I have another lovely lady in her place."

Mr W Gooding 



“After years and years of various care companies looking after my needs, doing my shopping, laundry and just a friendly face I had enough of not knowing, who, when or how long, I was at the end of my tether when someone recommended to me PrimRose, I now have the same girl a few times a week, this has been wonderful, she comes at the same time, every time and a helper that finally knows me and knows what I like, shopping, cups tea, food and I call her a friend now, best decision I have made, staff are wonderful, company that cares” 


Mrs F, Murphy


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