Frequantly asked questions


1. Are you able to visit every potential customer?

We always provide a free assessment before we undertake any contract.


2. How long does it take from initial instruction for a regular arrangement to be set up?

We endeavour as much as possible to ensure that arrangements are set up as quickly as possible, however if you are able to give a little notice of when you require an arrangement to start it is helpful.


3. Will I be able to specify a set day and time?

Everybody has commitments so yes, you can specify a set day and time. However, the more flexible you are the quicker your arrangement can usually be made. Once agreed you will then have the same day and time every visit.


4. Are you fully insured?


5. Do you send the same member of staff every time?

One member of staff will be allocated to you at all times except of course in cases of holidays or sickness or the member of staff leaves, if you have daily visits or 24/7 help we will appoint a small team of helpers.


6. What happens if my regular helper is sick, on holiday or leaves the Company?

In this situation, providing you are happy to accept, a replacement member of staff will be sent to you to cover the period of absence or as a permanent replacement if your regular member of staff leaves.


7. How do I pay?

Direct Debit or Debit/Credit Card


8. How are staff recruited and how will I know that they are honest and reliable?

When employing our Home Help Staff, we invite them to complete a Profile Application Form that is on this website to see if they fit our requirements they then will have a telephone interview and an application is sent and processed, we then will ask for extensive references, in which these are followed up, if we are satisfied the applicant is invited for a face to face interview. When applicants are successful, they are given extensive training before they are placed to a client.


9. What would happen if I was not happy with the member of staff I was sent?

If you are neither satisfied or comfortable with your allocated member of staff, we can arrange for you to have somebody different.


10. How much notice is required for a cancellation?

28 days notice.


11. How can you guarantee the standard of your work is always high?

We expect our staff to always provide an excellent service and take any complaints very seriously, all home helpers are monitored by electronic location verification with clocking in and out and we supply weekly/monthly reports to clients and family members.


12. If I was absent from my property while a member of staff is present and somebody comes to the door, what measures do you have in place for my security?

PrimRose staff do not allow anybody access to your property unless they have been specifically advised by yourselves or the office. Unless authorisation is received from you, the caller will be refused access but will not be told that you are absent from the property merely that you have popped out.


13. If I need to speak to someone outside office hours, can I?

We provide a client phone number that is automated and will notify an on-call manager to return your call.


14. Are you recognised by any local authority or governing body?

We are North Somerset Council approved service provider and work closely with the local council.


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